Sunday, April 30, 2017

We Passed the Final Inspection!

Over the past several months I've been mulling over how to start blogging again after having completely fallen off the blogging wagon last summer.

So... I'll just start by saying that we passed our final inspection!  Last September.  However, our joy at finally reaching this huge milestone was completely overshadowed by the fact that both my husband and I each lost someone dear to us last year. 

Last year was a horrible year filled with illness in both our families, loss, my own health DDC and everything else went dark last fall when my mom passed away...

One of the last times I spoke with my mom was when I gave her a virtual tour of the cabin via my phone a few days before the final inspection.

I had so hoped to show her the finished  (even furnished) cabin in person.   

In a way, this post is just another virtual tour for my mom, because I know that somewhere she is looking on, laughing and commiserating with me over all the things, big and little, that my husband and I sweated bullets over, agonized over, cried over, fought over...All those little unique, custom ideas that we (mostly me) thought were so fabulous that gave my husband fits during installation.  The bathroom vanity sink that kept (and still does) leaking...the uncooperative sheets of corrugated metal destined for the shower...the galvanized metal tub-as-kitchen sink ...building the custom tile shower pan...converting the gas stove to propane...

So, mom, here it is...we still have a few little details to take care of, and some not so little (the deck) as well.  But we finally made it to the finish line.  I sure wish you were here to see it in person...


I took all these photos with my phone, so the quality isn't the greatest.  I was too exhausted at the time to drag out my camera, the tripod, etc. and make the effort to get nice photos.

Both my husband and I aren't talking about it, but we both know that the leaking bathroom sink has to be fixed.  But fix it we will, because I love the way this looks. 

I suspect that the base is too thick for the hardware and that we should have installed the vessel sink directly onto the original table top, or removed the original top and installed the new one (and put the sink on that).  I think my husband took this apart and re-assembled it a couple times, at least, in an effort to fix the leak.  In the end he stuffed a bunch of paper towels underneath and prayed the inspector wouldn't catch it.

By some miracle, the inspector didn't look at the sink at all and missed the fact that it leaks.

Installing the corrugated metal sheets as shower walls was definitely a seat-of-our-pants enterprise.  I found lots of examples of showers finished with corrugated metal on the Internet (mostly Pinterest) but neither my husband or I could ever find any posts or videos that explained how to do it.

I'm happy with the way it looks (it will look even better once I get a shower curtain up), but I'm a little nervous about keeping it clean...

I'm pretty thrilled with our mini pantry. My husband scoffed at the idea of having so much storage, but I've seen how he shops at the grocery store, so I know better... Plus, in our California home, we presently have every small kitchen appliance known to mankind, and I have no reason to expect things to be different at the cabin.

The bi-fold doors are perfect for this small, constrained space.

Still need a few finishing touches in the kitchen: cabinet hardware, more open shelves at the far end, perhaps some kind of rustic corbel under the counter overhang by the door. But it is a fully functioning kitchen (-ette) at this point.

I was so worried that the inspector would ding us for not finishing this corner between the pantry and the closet.  He didn't even look at it. Something else that still needs to be done however.

We installed the kitchen sink and its base first (making sure it was centered under the window) and then placed the cabinets and counter top afterward.  Installing the kitchen faucet and butcher block counter around the tub/sink was harder than we ever dreamt.   But my husband figured it out. And so far, it doesn't leak.

There is R2-D2 (a.k.a. the big shop vacuum) lurking in the background, slyly waiting for the next opportunity to break more toes (I kicked it in a fit of irritation over paint colors a few years ago). 

I love the light and the views in this room.

Yes, I know the switch plates are notched into the door casings.  Thanks to an initial design boo-boo, we lost a few inches all around when we had to switch from 2x4 framing to 2x6 framing during construction to accommodate insulation that had the code-compliant R-factor. That meant that the extra wide door casings that I had originally included in the design now overlapped the switch plates.  And we didn't catch this until after the electrician had roughed in the electrical. The other solution would have been to use narrow, dinky door and window casings.  

I hate narrow, dinky casings.  I had specifically designed the cabin to have beefy, rustic looking casings that would nicely offset all that white-painted tongue-and-groove panelling.  

So we have switch plates notched into the door casings.  I'm calling it quirky.

So, there it is.  Finally a livable cabin.  Next on the list is the few finishing touches, the deck (click here for my ideas on that), and, most importantly, furnishing it (click here and here for a look at some of the things that I plan on using in the cabin). 

Here is a sneak peek of two other projects that languished for a long time before I finally finished them.  More on this to come...


This post is dedicated to my mom, because, I owe, among many other things, my decorating style, my love of old vintage things and antiques with character, and my approach to creating a home to her and the home I grew up in.  

In loving memory.

I need also to thank my wonderful husband.  He did all the finish work inside himself and did an amazing job.

Thanks for visiting!


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