Sunday, December 2, 2018

Simple Christmas at the Cabin

I left our house in California a few days before Thanksgiving never intending to decorate the cabin for Christmas.  

I left all of the bags with the cabin Christmas decorations in the closet under the stairs.

And then we stopped to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, and I wandered through their gift shop, at first intending to find a few Thanksgiving and fall-themed things for the cabin-- but forget about that-- their shop was crammed with Christmas goodies and very little else.  

Apparently, if one wants to shop for, and celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving, you need to do it in August.

At that point I succumbed to the Christmas craziness and realized that, yes, I do want to decorate the cabin for Christmas after all, even though we would  be celebrating Thanksgiving there.  

I bought some extra wide red-checked, wired ribbon and a cute little Christmas plaque-- sit about--whatever you call these things-- and I told myself 'keep it simple, use lots of greens (there's no shortage of that) and it will be quick and easy'.  

And it was simple and fairly quick, at least for me.  I ended up buying a few more rustic-looking ornaments from the local grocery store and Family Dollar because just one roll of ribbon and one Christmas plaque was a bit too simple for me.    

So we had a sort of hybrid Thanksgiving-Christmas celebration.  I baked chocolate chip cookies and made a bourbon pumpkin pecan-streusel tart, a Turkey Day tradition, made the stuffing, roasted the turkey, and listened to Christmas music.

Luckily most everything at the cabin works just fine for Christmas, with a few tweaks...   

I had very carefully planned for a quick change to Christmas when I conceived the grand pillow scheme for the bed. 

All I need to do is turn a few pillows around to hide colors that are too 'fall', change a few pillow slip covers, hide a few more pillows in the closet, and voila-- a Christmas-themed bed.

Chocolate Moose-- our Christmas cabin mascot (in addition to the dogs).   I can never resist a cute stuffed animal.  

I got this guy a few decades before we even thought about building a cabin. I must have known even then, that there would someday be a cabin in our lives...

The Fauxplace.  My husband makes fun of it because it isn't a real stove, but I don't care.  It's clean and easy to operate, it warms the cabin quickly, and it was on sale.  

It even has 'flames' that look pretty realistic when it's in operation-- especially when I look at it first thing in the morning without my glasses.  

I'm fine with an electric 'wood burning' stove.  We'll have a real, wood-burning stone fireplace in the main house which I'm sure will be a glorious monument to my husband's fireplace construction skills-- our renovated fireplace in California certainly is (click here and here). 

It sure makes our time at the cabin cozy when it is cold and snowy outside. 

More Christmas details throughout the cabin...

And the kitchen...

Wishing everyone a wonderful, and not too hectic Christmas season...

Here's to keeping it simple-- if you can ;-)

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