Cabin Escape

Here’s the backstory on our cabin adventure……

My husband and I bought some land located in south central Utah, near Capitol Reef National Park and the Waterpocket Fold. Our initial intent had been to buy property and then hold on to it until some point in the future when we would build a house on it—our ‘retirement house’, as we call it.
However, due to the requirements of our water permit-- which we were obliged to obtain during the due diligence phase of our property purchase to ensure that we would have water on our property after we closed the deal (rather important in an arid region, or anywhere, for that matter)—we had to build a dwelling on our property as soon as possible.  So… since we were not prepared to build a house right now, we built a small cabin, which will become the guest house for the larger ‘main house’ later on.

This page chronicles the story of our cabin adventure here in this incredibly beautiful section of the Colorado Plateau, with its jumble of red and sandstone cliffs and slot canyons, forested mountains, and pinyon-juniper woodland- and sagebrush-covered mesas.


b.t.w. ‘Dancing Dog Cabin’ comes from our two dogs, they both do a little dance when they are happy, when they want to play, even when they are eating (especially bacon). Both my girls have a blast running around on our Utah property like a couple of hooligans, exploring, chasing rabbits, and getting incredibly dirty.

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Cabin Reveal Part 1
Cabin Inspiration Board

Another Trip to Utah
Designing for Tranquility


Heat and Dust and Lots of Rocks

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  1. What a beautiful place to relax- and such a cute blog name- also love the theme! Your doggies should have their own blog, too! =P