Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Color in a Far Away Place

I won't ask if you've started your Christmas preparations-- looking at all the blog posts out there, I can see that for many, the starting gun has been discharged, and the yuletide baking--crafting--decorating marathon has begun.  

With our recent all-out cabin-work blitz, being sick, and pressing work obligations, I'm a little behind this year, and I can't make the mental leap to all things Christmas yet.   I'm getting there.  I've been mulling over various ideas for an approach (or I may pull out all my boxes of decorations and just dive in with no set plan, sometimes that works too...).

So for those who want to savor the charms of fall one last time,  here's a little bit of the fall color that had started to paint the high country around our cabin in Utah when we were there a few months ago (if you missed my post about our recent work vacation at our cabin, click here).  

And because Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I've thrown in some ideas for rustic outdoor the mountains of the Colorado Autumn...under a brilliant blue sky.  

Yes, along with bins filled with paint and power tools and a flatbed trailer piled high with tongue-and-groove wall planks and kitchen cabinets, I dragged along a few supplies to stage nature-inspired tablescape.

I had ambitious plans for my husband and I to have at least one leisurely outdoor meal outside one evening when the shadows are long, the cliffs turn a deep, intense red, and that bird I haven't identified yet calls from the nearby pinon trees.  

Foolish me.  Once we were done with our long workdays, it was all we could do to throw together a quick meal (I believe I had a peanut butter sandwich the first night), which was eaten off of paper plates in our 5th wheel trailer, before we fell into bed.

 I was able to get out early enough one morning however, when I still had energy, to play around with my camera.  The light at this time of day is amazing: strong, pure, and bright without the white glare of midday and early afternoon.  

I took a little walk, picked up some interesting deadwood and pine cones, enjoyed the early morning coolness and quiet.... and then dragged out my supplies, and had a little fun....

Most of these apples and pairs were picked by my sister in the historic orchards in nearby Capitol Reef.  For a small fee, you can pick apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, and pears (when they are in season).  The orchards are over a hundred years old and are a remnant of the small farming community that was established in the late 1800s/early 1900's along the Fremont River beneath towering red cliffs (click here for more information on Capitol Reef and this historic farm/museum). 

A few years ago I made jam from apricots I picked from these orchards....looking forward to making jam, apple crisp, and peach cobbler in my pretty little cabin kitchenette.  One day when all the hard work is done and we can come back here and have a true vacation and relax (will that day ever come?).....

I picked up this stag-themed flatware at Bass Pro.  Perfect for cabin life.

I have high hopes for this table, which came with the property.  Its wood is weathered and gray and slightly warped.  Its legs are wonky and the whole thing stands crooked.  I'm hoping my husband can salvage it and turn it into a usable table for outdoor dining.  Future project.  For when he has recovered from the cabin project ;-).

'Our' red rock formation peeks through the soft, warm green of this pinon.  Actually, we do own a portion of this hunk of rock; our northern-most section of land includes the east facing base of this formation.


Pulling out onto the main highway near our cabin-- vacation over.  Making that left turn to start on the long road home is always the saddest part of our visits to the cabin..... 

...but it's a road that takes you through some pretty spectacular country, so for the first few hours at least, it's still a happy trip.   

This time I left before my husband, who stayed behind to continue working on the cabin, and was able to stop and get some photos of the high-in-the sky aspen groves that were starting to turn. 

There are several routes that we can take to get to I-15 (the big, truck infested highway route home to California) from our cabin-- almost all are designated as scenic byways.  Many are two lane roads and have hardly any traffic.  My favorite kind of driving.

Happiness is having the road to yourself.

This time I chose a route that  travels over a high mountain pass before it plunges down the mountain to the interstate below.  This little gem of a lake is right next to the road.

Aspen orange and yellow stands out among dark conifers and pines near a high mountain meadow.

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  1. How magnificent!! It just makes your heart sing to see such beauty.

    1. Thanks Angel! Yes, this is definitely a place to make your heart sing.

  2. Your photos are amazing...just beautiful!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  3. Love the beautiful photos. A lovely send-off to fall.

  4. Breathtaking photos, Melissa! I can understand why you never want to leave! Thank you for that last bit of fall...and for linking up at Best of the Weekend!

  5. Sweet Melissa, it is such a joy to be visiting you and your blog. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner!

    Your photos are simply stunning and the bright colors are oh-so-lovely. Our world here in the mountains is covered in looks like winter :)

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again tomorrow. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I can't believe it's almost Christmas either. Time is just flying.

  6. Pretty table and country! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  7. Melissa, it truly is gorgeous country! We love traveling the back roads and having them to ourselves. I love the tokens that mother nature leaves us with. Hubby and I visited Capital Reef last Spring and loved it! Although we have been to the various canyons many times, we had never been there. Safe journey home! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Hi Melissa, just letting you know I am featuring your beautiful photos at Best of the Weekend tomorrow night!