Sunday, November 9, 2014

Flowers: faux versus real

I've embraced the idea of faux flowers...... I think. There is no doubt about it, there is no comparison to the real thing-- the depth of color, the subtlety, the fragrance.... I even like the imperfection you get with real flowers, which is certainly what you get if you don't stay on top of fertilizing and controlling disease... (hah, I should have pulled off that nasty-looking leaf in the front).

But they soon wilt and fade away and, with my very limited free time, I tend to forget about them until suddenly the house is filled with the lovely aroma of rotting vegetation.  

"Hey Hon, why does the house smell like a swamp?" I hear my my husband ask loudly from the other room as I stand and stare sadly at my brown and dead flowers. Why indeed.  Because I haven't had the time or energy to put together new flower arrangements.  

One of my favorite time-saving tricks is to buy flowers from the grocery store and then augment them with roses from my garden. The colors of these 'Graham Thomas', 'English Rose', 'Evelyn', and 'Pat Austin' roses are especially lovely.....   

......when mixed with the brilliant fall flowers that are available everywhere right now.  Not having much in the way of interesting berries growing in my yard or near my home right now, and being nervous about bringing anything that might be toxic to my dogs into our house, I like to use the many imitation berries that are available in craft stores to add a pop of fall color.  Dried flowers add interesting texture-- as shown below.  

But, even with the convenience of using store-bought flowers, you still have to go through this process repeatedly if you want flowers in your house.  So, after the flowers shown above died off, I thought I would give the fake stuff a whirl.......    

I tried to replicate the colors in the real flower arrangements I had created before, such as this one shown below, with a gorgeous coppery-orange 'Pat Austin' front and center.....

.....which I think is mimicked fairly well here in this 'imitation' arrangement...

... and here in another one....

A little bird on the stairs... Using birds and other small creatures in flower arrangements (real or imitation) and your decor in general adds a lively new dimension that can be very pleasing.  

So my conclusion for now is that it's a lot of fun to play around with faux florals, some of which are very pretty-- I especially like the rose and the purple chrysanthemums (I think that is what they are supposed to be) shown below.  It satisfies my creative urge and gives me something else to blog about.....

Will it replace the real thing?  No, definitely not, but I will certainly use them from time to time when I can't bother with real flowers (or when my roses happen to not be blooming).

What to do you think?

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