Sunday, October 19, 2014

Incorporating the spirit of Halloween into your house

Halloween gives you permission to indulge your inner child, alter ego, sweet tooth-- to step into a world of fun and whimsy, and a little (or a lot, depending on your tastes) of scary.  I suppose that is why it's a favorite holiday for many people.  

I'm not a fan of dark, disturbing, and ultra-creepy Halloween when it comes to decorating my home.   I enjoy it to a certain extent in movies and at amusement parks and haunted house attractions, but tend to veer more towards a charming, vintage, pretty, elegant variety of Halloween for bringing the holiday into my house. 

This works well for incorporating Halloween into my house as it is in the every-day. I have boxes and boxes of Halloween stuff, but these days, since I don't exactly have loads of free time, I like to focus on putting just a few things out in a way that complements the every-day decor of my house.

I started in my entry hall and used the large poster of Venice that sits on the table by the front door as a starting point.

Think masquerade balls, lovely glass objects, glorious architecture, beautiful colors and light, great art---

----of course I have no great art, the glass here is mass-produced, and the decorative things you see here I picked up at various antique malls, favorite nearby shops, craft stores, even Target. 

I take every opportunity to include my dogs in photos.  Dolly especially poses so nicely...

I've collected decorative masks over the years for various Halloween costumes (again, mostly craft store finds).  You'll see them throughout this post.

I don't remember where I got this wonderful spider-web treat/candy caddy.  In spite of the little metal spiders (not my favorite thing), I love it. Perfect for candy, cookies, brownies, cupcakes.

This is a table and mirror that belonged to my Mom.  I believe she got this at the Bombay Company when they used to have brick-and-mortar stores.  

Got this pretty little witch-box at Barbara Cheatley's last year.  A fantastic store; if you like little shops full of intriguing and beautiful objects old and new, and are ever in Claremont, CA, I highly recommend it.

Here is everything in the early evening.  More shadows....I've turned the candle on (another flame-less candle).  I thought the table by the front door needed a little something else-- so I picked a few things up and set them out.

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