Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Creatures

I think I'm done with Halloween... decorating, that is.  Although you never know.  It isn't over 'till it's over---and until I stop wandering around my house, adjusting, fiddling, fussing, moving things so that they are just-so.

Over the years I've decided that it is better from a visual standpoint, and easier from a logistical standpoint (theoretically), to incorporate a few holiday things into my existing design scheme, instead of a whole-sale replacement of every-day decor with massive amounts of holiday items throughout the house.  

Easier to integrate a few choice things with what you already have, yes?  So you would think.  

'Editing' is a lot harder than it sounds or maybe I'm just impaired by an overwhelming desire to pile it all on and layer, layer, layer.  

And of course I'm hopelessly attracted to fun, playful, quirky, creative, and, especially, vintage (or vintage-style) Halloween goodies and collectibles.  

My favorite things are jack-o-lanterns, cats.....

........vintage Halloween costumes ..... and witches.  Here is adorable Ms. Franken-witch going for a ride on Mr. Pig.

I think the witches thing goes back to a childhood fascination with the idea of flying around on a broomstick.  

What could be more fun than flying through the velvety-dark night, perched on a magical broomstick, your cat perched on your shoulder, dressed in an elegant, stylish outfit like the one worn by this lady?  (When I was about 12 I had a cat named Heathcliff who liked to drape himself across my shoulders).

Just loved this colorful hat with the faux candy attached to the brim.... so Halloween-ish and so perfect for someone who has a major sweet-tooth.  Note it is not a real hat for wearing on your head--- much to heavy and uncomfortable and apt to slide off. Purely decorative.

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