Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn on my stairs

Back from our quick trip to Utah to discuss the cabin with our contractor.  The year is advancing and its time to bring some fall into my house here in California.  We recently renovated our front hall and stairs to open the whole area up and add some architectural detail.  Lots of gleaming white molding and millwork-- my favorite thing-- so light and bright and airy after the original dark, dim, mine-shaft of a hall that came with the house.  And so fun to decorate for everyday, for the season, for holidays.....

We incorporated some shelving and display areas into the new design.  My husband wasn't crazy about this idea, but I love the quirkiness of a bookshelf on the stairs.

I like to sit on the stairs when I talk on the phone or when I just want to look out into our living room or out to the backyard....or when I want to glance through one of the books that I keep here (although not the most comfortable place to read a book long term).

The landing is a favorite place for the dogs.  A strategic location that allows them to survey the back yard and watch for any marauding neighbor cats that dare to trespass on their territory.  They're both happily unaware of the complete inappropriateness of mixing dogs and stairs.... when both of them sprawl out together on the landing they make quite a trip hazard!

I got this bird at a shop near the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.  Lots of nice little shops, an extensive and labyrinthine antique mall, great restaurants....  Love the little acorn cap he's wearing....

I like doing something unexpected like setting this tiny pumpkin into this old, celadon creamer to add interest and a pop of pretty, contrasting color.

I love the combination of the practical and whimsy here.... a clock and a crouching bulldog.  I got it at a local antique shop-- don't think it's particularly old (just a used item that someone got rid of), but I love it anyway.

Early evening adds more shadow and mystery on the stairs, a different effect when photographing....

I was surprised at how realistic the flameless candle is, and how much I like the convenience especially, since it has a timer that can be set.  Perfect, since this is located in a rather hard-to-reach location. No need to worry about lighting and extinguishing the candle every day, it just does it's thing at the same time each day.

My most favorite stair decorations of all (in spite of the trip hazard)......

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  1. OK, don't know how I've missed your wonderful posts in the past, but so happy to have found you. You are my kind of blogger....doggies throughout your post photos. Love that they pose for your shots. '-)

    1. Well, sometimes they pose and sometimes the dogs are just a blur in the photo. Rosie (red dog) is a little more camera-shy, so I have fewer photos with her. Dolly is a bit of a ham.