Sunday, August 31, 2014

Now for a little shopping.....

As a devotee of retail therapy, I usually check out the local shopping opportunities wherever I am.  This is Gardner Village, a favorite shopping haunt in the Salt Lake City area. If you like vintage wares and furniture, country french, farmhouse chic, and country-style furnishings and decor, I recommend a visit.  You can also find a quilting supply store, kids' clothing stores, a spa and salon, a bakery, and (this caught my eye immediately) the Chocolate Covered Wagon.

The Gardner Mill, now a furniture store (CF Home Furniture and Design) and restaurant, started out as a flour mill that was established in the West Jordan area in the mid-nineteenth century by a Scottish immigrant named Archibald Gardner. The present owner restored the old mill and moved other historic buildings onto the property starting in the 1980s to create a village of shops. If you like looking at old historic buildings and structures, including things built by the pioneering settlers of the Salt Lake Valley area back in the 1900s, this is a great place to visit.

Old flour mill

This is just a few hours after my sunny, summer-day visit to Red Butte Garden (previous post), but as you can see, the next storm has arrived.  It started to rain just as we finished up and pulled out of the parking lot.

More old, weathered wood- one of the restored buildings.

Since I was flying home at the end of the week, I was limited with what I could buy (I had to walk by the larger pieces that tempted me).  Here are some things that I found at CF Home Furniture and Design.  Just one Halloween item.  With a closet full of cute little vintage witch figurines and dolls, ceramic jack-o-lanterns, metal spider-web candy caddies, scary black cats, and so on, I've had to get a grip on my Halloween habit and limit myself to one or two things each year.  With the exception of the little Halloween boy below, these items will likely be the inaugural decor pieces for the cabin (once it it finished-- I'm looking far ahead to the fun task of DECORATING).

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