Thursday, August 28, 2014

More sightseeing in SLC

I spent a couple hours wandering around Red Butte Garden between rainstorms.  The weather started out blazing hot at the beginning of the week, then a series of thunder storms rolled through-- which cooled everything off.  I was able to see the gardens at the perfect time before the next storm arrived when it was clear and sunny, and everything was washed and clean and all the colors popped and glowed.

I loved the herb garden.  Most herbs do very well in arid regions, as you can see in the next few photos.

Here is an example of the ubiquitous red sandstone pavers that can be seen everywhere in this part of the world.  We have plenty of this red rock down in the little canyon below where the cabin will be-- or we can drive on to BLM land and load up the pickup. It's remarkably easy to get rock for building and landscaping near our property.  As I pointed out in an earlier post, we have rocks of every size coming out of our ears on our property.  Which is both a curse (we still have heaps of large boulders to move) and a blessing-- we have more than enough rock material to use in landscaping, building, etc..  Unlike at home in California, where you can spend a small fortune just for one large boulder.  

All these beautiful greens contrast so nicely with the red...

One of many water features.....

More ideas for all the red rock that can be found near our property.

One of my favorite combinations in the garden-- blue-gray with bright lime green and chartreuse.  You can never miss with this combination.  This blue spruce (I believe that is what it is, couldn't find the tag)is the most perfect shade of blue-gray; even though it isn't strictly native to the area around our property, I may need to plant a few anyway.....

This guy was resting down along the Creekside Trail, tucked back under some Gambel's oak trees(Quercus gambelii) that grow along Red Butte Creek.

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